Growth through innovation


Call Center Tools S.A. specializes in creating high-tech tools, which support the activities of call & contact centers. The solutions provided by the company, though they are based on a standardized solution, in reality in the application layer they are adjusted to the specific needs of clients, which means that every implementation is individual in nature. The tools and systems offered by CCT, thanks to the innovative approach of specialists of the company and understanding the needs of the market, work terrifically especially in the structures of debt recovery, telemarketing and research.

The most important solutions offered by the Company

ZIP : Changeable Identification of Connections
A fully operational solution, which is used by the largest service centres and banks in Poland. In simple terms, it is a system that intelligently replaces alphanumeric presentation in the recipient’s telephone, which results in a huge growth of effectiveness on large databases. In practice, this means greater coverage of a campaign with the same resources, and increasing its positive effects.

ESRS: Enhanced Status Reporting System
It is used to monitor and report the status of telecommunications networks used by the Client, taking into account the specific needs of Call Centers in this field. The system also provides complete event statistics on real time connections, enabling on-going optimization of the system to carry out marketing campaigns. This provides direct benefits in the management of connections, people and databases. The client has access to ESRS in every place and time, also by mobile phone. The system has obtained EU funding under the IOIE 8.2 in the amount of approx. 200 thousand  EURO

CCT Safety : Communication Maintenance System
A solution dedicated to large Call Centers providing clients with an unparalleled on the market trouble-free level, therefore, a very high SLA level. It guarantees reliability and maintaining continuity of traffic in the range of 99.5% on an annual basis, while maintaining the same basic parameters, i.e. the same numbering, the same network termination point, no need to physically switching tracks.

SDP: Answering Machine Detection System
The solution allows to detect a recipient's answering machine and reject the call before the charging starts and before traditional PowerDialer systems recognize the connection as incorrect. This significantly reduces costs and increases the number of successful connections at the same time.

The services offered by Call Center Tools S.A. are to:

  • Systematically raise so-called contactivity,
  • reproduce the performance of call center PDS-type systems,
  • maximize the use of databases owned by clients
  • optimize processes and reduce costs.

The realization of the tasks above in practice results in measurable financial benefits for clients.

What is important, thanks to cooperation with manufacturers of all major PABX and call center systems, Call Center Tools S.A. is able to provide services in any call center, regardless of the implemented system or owned switchboard.