Growth through specializations

Investor relations

Call Center Tools S.A. is a leading provider of original and innovative solutions for internal and external call & contact centers organizations, increasing their effectiveness, lowering the cost of operation and making it possible to generate higher revenues. The Company combines the competences of providers of IT tool applications, the telecommunications operator and integrator. The clients of the company are entities from the banking sector, insurance sector, debt recovery companies, and external outsourcing centers.

  • Since the beginning, the company has been virtually doubling its EBITDA result and net profit every year
  • It has innovative and original solutions with measurable results of application
  • Unique business model combining the telco operator's offer and provider of tool applications
  • Excellent and consistently increasing portfolio of references and clients from the top shelf
  • Effective activities on the dynamically growing BPO market and C&CC organizations
  • Regularly extended lock-up agreements by major shareholders associated with the Company