Tools increasing effectiveness

The primary activity of Call Center Tools S.A. is providing services in the scope of Call Center support and developing dedicated tools to increase the effectiveness of telemarketing. Thanks the solutions offered by the Company, the effectiveness of clients in realizing telemarketing campaigns increases on average from 30% to 60%. This means real savings and bigger revenues for clients. The Company's offer is mainly applied in areas such as debt recovery, telesales, public opinion surveys. These industries are steadily developing and the demand for telemarketing-related services continues to grow dynamically. The company provides services throughout the whole country.
The advantage of Call Center Tools S.A. over many entities operating in the call & contact centers industry amongst others consists in the unique combination of competences of the vendor of applications and IT systems, the telecommunications operator, and advisory services in the scope of optimizing the business processes crucial for the efficiency of an organization in contact with clients, debtors, respondents of surveys.
CCT is a specialized entity
with a huge growth potential